Feel Good Day!

Feel Good Day!

Had a wonderful day yesterday.

I was asked to sing at a Memorial Service for a special lady – someone I have known my entire life.  Those of you that follow my blog may not know that I am a singer – I was a Voice Performance major at Univ. of Michigan – and I love to sing! 

I am always honored when I am asked to sing at a Memorial service for someone – I am so thankful God gave me the gift of song and it always does my heart good to share music at a special time like this.  I sang “Softly and Tenderly”, one of my favorite pieces.  I know that music can touch us in a way that words can’t, and I look on my singing as a ministry.  I was blessed to get to sing and hopefully touched the hearts of those who were there.   

After the service, I came home, and some of my customers came over to stamp “Cards for the Troops”.   We have been doing this for about two years now – it was a wonderful time of stamping and fellowship, loved spending time with these great ladies.  We feel blessed to be able to do a small something for those that sacrifice so much for us! 

This time our cards were for Easter and Memorial day.

Here is what we stamp on the back of the cards – this is a stamp that I had made through Stampin’ Up! –

The rest of my day was spent taking Charlie on a walk, going to dinner with Rich and Faith and two of her girlfriends, watching some tv!  I had intended to get some laundry done, but oh well – LOL! 

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by!